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Our Services

InfoEx Solutions (HK) Limited seeks to provide below services

  1. One Stop IT Services
    System and Software Development with InfoEx's concept
    1. Info Extend
    2. Info Exchange
    3. Info Extra
  2. New modern technologies
    InfoEx will continue to develop new modern IT technologies such as Artificial Intelligence software, GPS integration and undeveloped technologies
  3. Solutions consulting services
    We are providing solutions consulting services to partners and guarantees best solution will be provided to enhance the business workflow
  4. Web Design
    We are providing design of customer web site, business card, logo, etc.
  5. Hardware Solutions
    We guarantee partner's IT systems to be run on the most optimized and reliable infrastructure that consists of strong hardware and a streamline process
  6. Others
    Welcome to contact us if you have any enquiries about any kind of IT solutions