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Develop New Technologies
InfoEx is committing to develop the relationship between different nature of business and information technology with an information extendability perspective. We are performing research on new modern technologies to improve the workflow for any different nature of business. More details can be found from "Research".

Software Development
If you have the problem on your business workflow, then you may be one of our target partner. InfoEx will use Object-Oriented design methodology with Unified Model Language (UML) technology such as Use Case Diagram, Sequence Diagram, etc. to create a set of technical documentations for partners. We committed to providing tailor-made solution to improve the business workflow and obtain the highest performance for existing or new business.
System development life cycle (SDLC)

Performance tuning for different nature of business
Many corporate had applied information technology to their business already. But the performance of business workflow, software and hardware cannot be integrated with high performance to have the best efficiency. InfoEx is committed to providing information technology analysis on different nature of business to improve all kind of business. Please go to “Contact Us” to have more information.